Meet my sweetest girlfurrriend scarlet.the.wigglebutt. Our pawfect play date includes eating treats, lounging around, and taking selfies. And when ou

An open letter to my Zenapoo Hi buddy. How are you holding up? It is good to see you smile. I miss you and mommy very much. And I know you miss me too

Hi friends, Zen here. Happy Friday! Wanted to share a joyful moment with all of you. After dinner, I played a game with mommy called where s my Zen? M

Your smile is like the sun... it brightens up my day! #ablinddogandhisbestfriend #igdogs #photographer

An open letter to my best friend Dear Hoshi, I look around for you but you are no where to be found. I run into mom s arms and she holds me close to

You are my greatest adZENture To anyone who may be reading this, thank you. Thank you for the abundance of love and support. The testimonies and w

Be kind and unwind. Nourishing mind, heart and soul with an adZENture. Hello beautiful world. Zen here to wish you all a blessed Labor Day. #aZ

I love and miss Hoshi beary much. Hi friends. Zen here. Found Hoshi s teddy bear costume and decided to try it on. Felt like he was hugging me. S

May your life be inspired by love and guided by light. #adeleleon Today marks one month since Hoshi crossed the rainbow. In honor of him, we ex

Cloudy with a chance of Zen Only from the heart can you touch the sky. #Rumi #aZENmoment #igdogs #ph

I look around but you are nowhere near It has not been easy without you here. I miss you Hoshi more than you know. You are always in my heart, whereve

Only you can make me happy Hi friends! Zen here with a special video clip. Some days are better than others and today is one of those better day

Key to mommy s heart #aZENmoment Today mommy and I went to beach for first time without Hoshi. Hoshi loved the sound of the ocean. It brought h

Hi beautiful world. Zen here. Today I spent the day with my auntie. She took me to allmyteacafe where I met a gorgeous girl named Bella. She and I ha

...the best part of me is you... teddysphotos #ablinddogandhisbestfriend #igdogs #photographer #mod

To all our followers we love, Dear family, Hi everypawdy. Zen here. As many of you can relate to, life is more vibrant with having furbabies around. T