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Bad news, Yas the zebra finch died from sickness at 10 AM today. Cause How he died Told from the color of the poop, probably ate excessive amounts of other food He did not eat human food, but he ate excessive amount of egg yolk , poop color is black, probably sign of liver disease or other diseases. Didn t receive treatment recently, when I woke up, I was thinking that Yas had 4 hours to live. He also had exposure to salmonella from our pet tortoise. He also have changes in vocalization and other parts of body which is possibly a sign of sickness. Which he is feeling weak and tired. Now how many birds I have 2 Including Strawberry the male red avadavat and Ava the female red avadavat How I felt that he died I felt very bad for him, I felt that I missed him very much throughout 4 months I had him. Date of what he died July 22 2019 10 04 AM #bird #birds #petbird #petbirds #sadnews #badnews #zebrafinch #taeniopygia #taeniopygiaguttata #losingapet