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Whenever Bitcoin does a bigger movement, people are drawing their funds out of their Altcoins to save their Bitcoin values. This usually results in a higher Bitcoin Dominance for a short period of time which we can see now as well. 69,1 Bitcoin Dominance is a value that we haven t had for a long time. But what can you do to be prepared for such a bitcoin altcoin price change? You can think about alternatives to let your Bitcoin work for you. And for that purpose, we have the perfect tool for you! Our Masterpool Token is a tokenized asset which is based on a Masternode service from an external company which works no matter how the price changes. So if you choose to invest some of your coins into our MPL Token you will most likely get profits every 2 weeks based on the amount of coins you have invested and based on the profits our partnering company can achieve. But as it is very important This is not an investment advice and we do not force you to invest somewhere somehow. We just want to inform you this way for our tokenized asset product called Masterpool Token. Check the history of our gains and losses to see what we have achieved the last couple of month. You will be suprised as we have made only gains this far #bitcoin #blockchain #bitcoinprice #bitcoinnews #bitcointrading #bitcoinmining #marketpeak #peaktoken #bitcoinnetwork #bitcoinacademy #bitcoinbusiness #bitcoindeutschland #bitcoinexpert #bitcoinfamily #bitcoininvestments #bitcoinlifestyle #bitcoinnodes #marketpeak #peaktoken #tokenizedasset #bitcoindominance #btcdominance #btcdominanceath