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Man who launched a Blockchain and crypto assurance division for PwC in Switzerland is joining Tezos as chief financial officer The man who launched a blockchain and #cryptocurrency assurance division for #PwC in Switzerland is joining Tezos as chief #financial officer, the foundation confirmed in a #news release on June 11. Roman Schnider is leaving the Big Four firm after 15 years, and Tezos says he is already familiar with the organization, since it was the first major blockchain project to have its finance and #business operations audited by PwC. bTezos describes itself as a platform focusing on smart contracts and decentralized applications that offers a protocol governed by stakeholders. Ryan Jesperson, the president of the Tezos Foundation, said As the foundation continues to provide resources to a growing Tezos ecosystem, the #CFO and operations lead will be critical to our success. Roman s experience makes him the ideal #finance and operations specialist for our team. He is already familiar with the opportunities and challenges blockchain projects face and has a deep understanding of the Tezos Foundation from his time at PwC. Schnider is succeeding Eelco Fiole in the CFO role, and said he was looking forward to serving and supporting the Tezos community in the most effective, efficient and #transparent way possible. #bitcoin #ripple #ethereum #bitcoindiamond #bcd #cryptonews #trader #invest #blockchain #price #ico #mining